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Unreal Streaming Technologies develops audio/video streaming products and solutions for commercial, educational, medical and governmental organizations and system integrators.
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Our flagship software product is Unreal Media Server: a multi-protocol streaming server allowing organizations to deploy on-premise streaming services and system integrators to add streaming capabilities to their solutions.

Below you can find individual product news and updates:

Unreal Media Server

On March 15, 2016 we have released version 11.5 of Unreal Media Server. This release adds a new type of live broadcast: live playlist, allowing server-side channel switching and ad insertion; we have also added AES-128 encryption for HLS and other enhancements and fixes.

Unreal Media Server is a versatile streaming media platform to be used for event broadcasting, video conferencing, video surveillance, IPTV, digital signage and other IP streaming applications.

Visit the Overview page for a full functionality description.
Visit the Demos page to see Unreal Media Server in action.
Visit the FAQ page for step by step instructions for configuring HLS streaming, adaptive bitrate streaming, time-shifting and other advanced features.

Multimedia Components

On January 1, 2016 we have released a new DirectShow filter: a Video Mixer source filter for mixing several video streams into one output stream. We offer various DirectShow filters and Media Foundation components for Windows application developers. We specialize in source filters that capture audio/video over popular streaming protocols: RTSP, RTMP, HLS and MPEG2-TS.

Visit the Multimedia Components page for details.

IP Network Cameras and Encoders

On November 1, 2012 we have released a new generation of our streaming hardware delivering low latency, hardware-encoded H.264/AAC streaming content.

UM400 IP network encoder UM500 IP network camera

Visit the Hardware page for details.


On June 20, 2015 we have updated uVMS to version 2.1, adding support for time-shifted playback.
uVMS is a web based Video Management System that allows publishing, viewing and recording of any type of video camera and software / hardware video encoder. uVMS is a versatile system providing a choice of access control levels, operator and user rights, configuration options and operation scenarios. It supports multiple languages, any OS and any browser.

Visit our uVMS page and download a free version.


On July 25, 2015 we have updated eLecture to version 2.1, adding support for time-shifted playback.
eLecture is a browser based webinar and virtual classroom software product for conducting lectures and training sessions over LAN and Internet. eLecture supports any OS and any browser and doesn't require any installation on user's computer. It is easy to use, supports multiple languages and allows real time audio-video streaming and text interaction between student and lecturer.

Visit our eLecture page and download a free version.

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