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Testimonials and case studies.

Andy M., Woodward Academy, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"We are currently using Unreal Media Server for streaming live events, morning announcements and a remote CCTV camera (because of the lack of RF wire). We are very pleased with the product and it's ease of setup. We looked at the competition and it was going to cost us $10,000+ just to do two video streams. We have been using the free version for several years for special live events and then we decided to get away from running RF cable into our new buildings and needed a way to stream the morning announcements and select television channels. We currently multicast every event and morning announcement which we play with the Unreal Media Player. The nice thing about the Media Server is that it really doesn't tax the server, heck you can even run it on XP. We pushed out the Unreal Media Player via domain policy and on every new computer we install. Using their product we have the availability to save a ton of money and then also give our teachers the ability to Archive the footage to their PC. We even setup one Media Server with several media files that are available via the Windows Media Player for unicast playback. Again the Server barley notices the streaming services, I have it running on our main web server so we can stream it to the Internet if we need to. We are very happy with the product and look forward to any enhancements and new products from Unreal Streaming Technologies."

Prof. Giovanni N., University of Bologna, Italy      PDF documentRead full case study

"This has led us to set our real time broadcast environment and in this context we have selected the system eLecture from Unreal Streaming Technologies because of its reduced costs, fairly (not completely easy) installation and management, almost server independency (any PC with any Windows can do it) and all the features which cater for possible paid special courses (i.e. restricted registration and attendance, time constraints etc.). Moreover the interface is web based and students can therefore easily attend the lectures wherever they find themselves. The system directly broadcasts what is displayed on the screen of the professor’s PC (allowing maximum flexibility as far as the used programs) together his voice. The number of attendees can be unlimited provided the server bandwidth is large enough. For a good quality remote reception, however, a band of at least 100 Kbit/sec is necessary for the receiver, which makes a typical shared WiFi low-cost infrastructure unsuitable. The system caters also for the record of the broadcasted lectures which can be made available for off-line download. In the website you can find – free for consultation and download – the slides and the recorded lectures of three courses of myself and of my colleague Stefano Mattoccia together with many other documents (in Italian). By experience we have learned that the recording of the person of the lecturer, in addition to wasting bandwidth and recording space, is of no importance for the students of technical courses: what matters is a good view of the projected slides and a good quality of voice recording, which is the case with e-lecture where a good selection of resolutions is available. Interaction is made in real time through questions forwarded to the professor in form a text messages which appear on his console."

First Med Faculty of Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

" Med Faculty of Charles University in Prague is the largest medical training institution in the Czech Republic, with a tradition dating back to the very roots of Charles University. The faculty deploys high standard of technical equipment to ensure quality teaching of future doctors. Using the technology, actions carried out by an experienced surgeon in a sterile operating room environment, can be seen in real time in other parts of the building; also, a surgeon can remotely discuss the progress of operations with medical students in the lecture hall. This brings a whole new perspective on the practical teaching of medical students. By broadcasting live images from the diagnostic and operating equipment (ultrasound, laparoscopic camera) to the lecture hall, we can acheive comparable quality of teaching to what we would get with direct presence of students in the operating room. According to a survey conducted in 2008, 92% of medical students answered that the use of such systems would be helpful for teaching. In 2008, Dean Prof. Dr.Sc.Tomáš Zima compiled a team of experts with the task to design and implement a new system of teaching with the maximum use of existing techniques. Project Coordinator Eng. Vanek has proposed a comprehensive solution, part of which is based on the technology of Unreal Streaming Technologies. Comprehensive solution consists of a set of media servers (Unreal Media Server, Live Server, Archival Server), IP cameras and hardware encoders. Using additional software e-Lecture from the same manufacturer, we have the possibility of active use of e-learning for teaching students in separate medical training. The system allows you to record live streams using Unreal Archival Server for its later use off line. Last month of operation showed other, previously unplanned, applications. In emergency cases (eg, swine flu epidemic), it would be necessary to limit the personal presence of medical students in the areas of the hospital and in a very short time to switch to distance learning using Media server and e-learning module. Medic with just any high-speed Internet connection (about 3Mb), can use a secure connection to watch lectures or surgery broadcast from home. E-learning module will enable online interaction between medic and teacher."

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