Company information

Unreal Streaming Technologies is a software workshop developing audio video streaming systems. We specialize in near real time streaming software for Windows OS. The company was formed in May 2003 with offices in Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA, USA. Our research and development group consists of scientists and software engineers engaged in various aspects of multimedia streaming and processing technology.

We have been developing multimedia software since 1998 and finally focused our efforts on network streaming technologies, where we possess the most profound experience materialized in algorithms and techniques for transmission of multimedia material over IP networks. Our mission is to develop, popularize and market IP streaming solutions for commercial use as well as for non-profit and educational organizations and multimedia enthusiasts. Large part of our software products is free or has limitations that don't affect private users. We think that our hard work should be useful to people, first of all.

Our software is used by tens of thousands of users and over five hundred commercial customers around the world.

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