How can I make my IP camera be a source for FMLE?
Install our RTSP and Video Mixer source filters (32-bit); add RTSP source referring to your IP camera to Video Mixer's default configuration. Make sure you select uncompressed audio if you want to stream audio as well.
The same procedure applies to any compressed input, be it a capture card or RTSP / RTMP / MPEG2-TS / HLS network streams: if you host source filters for these inputs in Unreal Video Mixer, you can provide these sources to FMLE, WME and other video applications that allow uncompressed-only video inputs. Note that Unreal Video Mixer will decompress a compressed input (using decoders installed on your system), and FMLE/WME will encode it again, so essentially you are doing a transcoding. Unreal Live Server, unlike these apps, is able to accept compressed input and stream it out without transcoding.

Can I run multiple instances of Video Mixer filter at the same time?
Yes, you can; it depends on the application hosting the filter. The filter has a default configuration; applications can display a filter's Property page where you can provide a path to a specific configuration file that you have created with filter configuration utility. A path to config file can also be supplied via IFileSourceFilter::Load COM method. In Unreal Live Server Configurator the path can be specified as Init String, so you can run as many instances of mixer filter at the same time as you want.

RTSP filter reports an error while the same RTSP URL works in VLC?
VLC tries UDP transport first while Unreal RTSP source filter has a TCP transport set by default. If you don't know exactly what IP transports are supported by RTSP server/IP camera then try all TCP, UDP, HTTP transports. Also, unlike in VLC, you cannot pass username and password as part of RTSP URL. Refer to readme.txt file that comes with RTSP filter for an exact way of how to pass username and password.

Can I use MPEG2-TS/HLS source filter for receiving on-demand HLS streams (HLS-chunked files)?
No. MPEG2-TS/HLS source filter can only be used to receive live HLS streams.

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