Free version of eLecture is available for download below.

Supported operating systems:
Server: Windows OS, all versions; 32-bit and 64-bit.
Web-based client: any Flash-enabled browser on any OS/device.

Current eLecture version is 2.1.

1. eLecture Server
Download: eLecture Server  (5.4 MB).
Attention: eLecture Server requires Microsoft SQL Server to be installed first!
Any version of SQL Server is OK; for 32-bit operating systems we recommend installing free SQL Server Express 2005.
For 64-bit operating systems free SQL Server Express 2008 is recommended.
SQL Server installation is quick; simply click on "Next" buttons; do not change any standard settings offered by SQL Server installation wizard.
Then install eLecture Server and configure your first lecture!
Free version limitations: 10 concurrent user connections to the server.
Purchase an unlimited version.

2. WebELecture web application
Download: WebELecture  (745 KB).
This web application allows users on any OS, with any browser, to participate in lectures; absolutely no installation is required on user's computer; streaming video is Flash-based.
WebELecture needs to be installed on a computer running IIS web server; it can be installed on the same computer that runs eLecture Server, or on the separate one.

3. Unreal Live Server (optional)
Download: Unreal Live Server (1.8 MB).
Unreal Live Server is a live software encoder for audio/video sources such as USB webcams and capture cards. The Live Server is recommended to be installed on a different computer relative to eLecture Server, because it consumes a lot of CPU for encoding.

4. eLecture Windows Console (optional)
Download: eLecture Console  (560 KB).
This is Windows OS desktop client for eLecture Server. Windows-based users can use this eLecture Console, as well as web based access using WebELecture, to subscribe, participate and start lectures.

5. Screen Capture DirectShow source filter (optional)
Download: UScreenCapture (174 KB).
You may need this component for whiteboard functionality, to stream your desktop as a part of your lecture. It needs to be installed on the computer where the Live Server is installed. Capture frame rate and desktop region to capture can be configured. Dual-monitor systems are supported.

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