Free version of eLecture is available for download below.

Supported operating systems:
Server: Windows OS, all versions; 32-bit and 64-bit.
Web-based client: any HTML5-enabled or Flash-enabled browser on any OS/device.

Current eLecture version is 2.1.

1. eLecture Server
Download: eLecture Server  (8 MB).
Attention: eLecture Server requires Microsoft SQL Server to be installed first!
Any version of SQL Server is OK; free SQL Server Express 2008 is recommended.
During SQL Server installation accept all default settings offered by SQL Server installation wizard.
Then install eLecture Server and configure your first lecture!
Free version limitations: 10 concurrent user connections to the server.
Purchase an unlimited version.

2. WebELecture web application
Download: WebELecture  (722 KB).
This web application allows users on any OS and mobile device, with any browser, to participate in lectures; absolutely no installation is required on user's computer; live low latency streaming video is HTML5-based via WebRTC or WebSocket-video/mp4 streaming protocols.
WebELecture needs to be installed on a computer running IIS web server; it can be installed on the same computer that runs eLecture Server, or on the separate one.

3. Unreal Live Server (optional)
Download: Unreal Live Server (1.8 MB).
Unreal Live Server is a live software encoder for audio/video sources such as USB webcams and capture cards. The Live Server is recommended to be installed on a different computer relative to eLecture Server, because it consumes a lot of CPU for encoding.

4. eLecture Windows Console (optional)
Download: eLecture Console  (560 KB).
This is Windows OS desktop client for eLecture Server. Windows-based users can use this eLecture Console, as well as web based access using WebELecture, to subscribe, participate and start lectures.

5. Screen Capture DirectShow source filter (optional)
Download: UScreenCapture (174 KB).
You may need this component for whiteboard functionality, to stream your desktop as a part of your lecture. It needs to be installed on the computer where the Live Server is installed. Capture frame rate and desktop region to capture can be configured. Dual-monitor systems are supported.

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