Is there a user forum for eLecture?

Can I install eLecture Server on the same computer where I already run Unreal Media and/or Archival Server?
Yes, you can. The installation of eLecture Server checks if Unreal Media and Archival servers are present on your system; if not then they will be installed together with eLecture Server.

What TCP ports do I need to open in myorganization firewall in order to serve lectures to outside eLecture Console users?
TCP port 8432 for eLectureserver and TCP/UDP ports 5119, 5130, 5135 for Unreal Media Server for live video streaming. These port numbers can be changed with configuration programs.

When I add RTSP or RTMP video feed, there is no way to specify username/password?
Open up Media Server Configuration program; you should see live broadcasts configured for eLecture. Locate your RTSP or RTMP live broadcast and edit it; add any advanced settings you need.

When I add a dynamic live broadcast, how do I connect my Live Server to Media Server?
After adding a dynamic live broadcast, you can see its alias (starting with "electure_") and password in a description column of live feeds list. Connect your remote Live Server with these parameters.

When I add an RTMP video feed, how do I connect my OBS or Wirecast to Media Server?
After adding RTMP video feed, you can see its alias (starting with "electure_") in a description column of live feeds list. Connect your Flash encoder using this alias, as described in our FAQ for Unreal Media Server.

How do I add new languages to eLecture Console and eLecture Administration Console?
Locate files named "lang.lang" and "serverlang.lang" in the appropriate installation folders. Open these files in Notepad program. Add new language blocks or change existing ones. Save files as Unicode.

After I change the default path for archiving video feeds, my previously configured lectures don't show any archived feeds in the "Lectures History" view.
The new setting will apply only to new lectures and new streaming feeds added to existing lectures. To apply it to previously configured lectures, simply re-add any streaming feed to lecture configuration.

I need to run advanced queries on the eLecture SQL Server database. I also need to protect the database from unauthorized use.
Install free Microsoft Management Studio for your version of SQL Server and run any queries on eLecture database. Do not change the database as this can break eLecture functionality. Furthermore, you can disable remote connections to eLecture database to make sure it's protected from unauthorized usage.

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