eLecture is a webinar / virtual classroom software product for conducting live interactive seminars / lectures over Internet/LAN, where participants attend sessions online via web browser.
Online press conferences, corporate seminars and training, live university lectures broadcasting, live webinars - if your organization needs these, eLecture is your solution!

eLecture installation, configuration and operation is demonstrated in the
Video tutorial on YouTube

PDF documentRead eLecture case study from Bologna university, Italy

  • This is not a hosted service but a software that you install on your own server.
  • Live near real-time lecture broadcast, including screen capture.
  • Students/attendees post questions and receive answers in text chat mode in real time.
  • All live feeds and textual conversations are recorded on the server.
  • Multiple languages are supported, new languages are easy to add by yourself.
  • No need to install anything: everything is browser-based with HTML5 or Flash video.
  • Windows, Linux, MAC, Android, iOS desktop and mobile devices are supported.
  • All eLecture users including students and lecturers, use web-based interface to register, subscribe, start and and participate in lectures. This is achieved via WebELecture web application that needs to be installed on the server side along with eLecture Server.
    eLecture Server running as Windows service, can run multiple lectures concurrently and supports thousands of concurrent users on standard server hardware. eLecture Server comes with Administration Console allowing lecturer or administrator managing lectures, lecturers and students. The eLecture Server also includes Unreal Media and Archival servers for broadcasting and recording purposes.

    As an alternative to web-based interface, a desktop client can be used to participate in lectures. eLecture Console is a Windows application; it needs to be downloaded and installed at user's computer if a user prefers it over web-based interface.

    eLecture comes with built-in support for English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese languages; other languages can be easily added via language files that come with the software. eLecture is a truly Unicode system.

    Up to 3 audio/video feeds can be configured with each lecture; Unicast and Multicast delivery methods are supported to serve LAN and Internet students. All popular software and hardware live encoders that encode H264/VP9 video and AAC/Opus audio, can be used as live sources for eLecture: Unreal Live Server; RTMP encoders such as FMLE, OBS and Wirecast; RTSP IP cameras.
    The lectures can be scheduled at a particular time or periodically; limits on number of participants and number of questions each participant can ask are supported. Lectures can be configured to allow or prohibit students from self-subscribing online. All the communication between eLecture Console and eLecture Server is encrypted with industry standard symmetric protocol, ensuring secure data transmission.

    Download free version of eLecture and give it a try!

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