eLecture - play archived video as part of lecture

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eLecture - play archived video as part of lecture

Postby dd-pcfd » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:24 pm

Our trainers frequently show video to their students as part of their lecture. is there a way to incorporate a stored video as one of the video stream in an eLecture lecture? Maybe from the archival server?

Or is there another way?
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Re: eLecture - play archived video as part of lecture

Postby admin » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:28 am


eLecture provides live streams only. However, it is possible to stream a stored video as a live stream, so the user will not be able to seek, pause etc...; it will be just like a live stream.
It's a little tricky to do that, because eLecture administration doesn't allow you to add a live playlist as a live broadcast. Live playlist allows switching between live and recorded streams.
What you need to do is in the eLecture administration console create a new live broadcast, any type. Then you would have to open Media Server Configurator, copy this newly created Alias, delete that newly created
live broadcast, create a new one, of type "Live Playlist" within the Media Server Configurator; and give it the copied Alias. So essentially you provide a "live playlist" type of broadcast instead of the type that you have chosen in eLecture administration console.

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