online stream from Android - WebRTC player - no audio

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online stream from Android - WebRTC player - no audio

Postby borek » Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:21 am

I'm trying to online stream from Android phone. I set up RTMP rebroadcast. First app I used was Broadcast Me. Configuration was tricky 'cause sometimes It worked with authentication only, sometimes anonymous only. Similar to this experience: ... ia-server/
Sometimes I get "connecting" or such message and app hangs.

Then I switched to Larix Broadcaster and CameraFi Live. I was able to successfully stream from both apps as soon as I found out that URL needs to end with “livestream”. e.g: rtmp://ip:5130/live/test/livestream. It should be mentioned in your FAQ. However, I have not been able to listen to audio track. The player’s speaker icon is greyed out. Same in Flash player. StreamingMediaPlayer can play audio properly.
How do I make WebRTC player to play audio and not only video?

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Re: online stream from Android - WebRTC player - no audio

Postby admin » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:30 pm


RTMP publishing apps encode AAC audio, while WebRTC player must have Opus-encoded audio.
So if you use RTMP publishing, you will have to transcode AAC to Opus; you can do so with Unreal Live Server, pulling the stream from
Unreal Media Server with RTMP source filter and sending it back (after audio transcoding) to Unreal Media Server. Quite an awkward setup.

It's much better to publish live stream via WebRTC, using ... blish.html
(you can find this page in our SDK as well). You will need to use secure websocket for this publishing, configuring SSL certificate in Unreal Media Server.
You can do it from your Android and iOS just fine.
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