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Free version of Unreal Media Server is available for download below.

Supported operating systems: Windows OS, all versions; 32-bit and 64-bit.

Unreal Media Server
Current version is 12.0
Download x86 Edition: UMediaServer  (5.1 MB).
Download x64 Edition: UMediaServer (x64)  (5.9 MB).
The Media Server supports majority of industry standard streaming protocols, codecs and formats to stream to variety of player applications on any device. Windows 2008 Server and 2012 Server are most appropriate platforms for Unreal Media Server.
Free version limitations: 5 live broadcasts can be configured, 10 concurrent player connections can be served.
Purchase an unlimited version.

Unreal Live Server
Download: Unreal Live Server (1.9 MB). Current version is 9.5
The Live Server is our live media encoder that encodes, transcodes, streams and records live audio/video sources using H.264, VC1(WMV9), WMA, MP3, AAC and other codecs. The Live Server supports any USB camera/device, capture cards and screen capture.
Mixing/switching video sources and capturing RTSP, RTMP, MPEG2-TS and MMS network streams is also supported with additional installation of corresponding DirectShow source filters (x86 editions) from our Multimedia Components page.
Free version limitations: video mixer and network streams capture add-ons are limited to 7-9 minutes.
Purchase an unlimited version.

Unreal Archival Server
Download: Unreal Archival Server (659 KB). Current version is 1.5
The Archival Server provides centralized recording of live streams on the media server side. It serves as DVR subsystem for Unreal Media Server. The recording can be controlled based on schedule, manual command or programmatic call.

Streaming Media Player
Download: Streaming Media Player (610 KB). Current version is 7.1
This is our native player to play streams sent by Unreal Media Server via UMS protocol.
The player can be embedded into web page as a cross-browser plugin.
UMS streams can also be played on Android and iOS devices with mPlayer mobile app.
Refer to our demo page to see live examples.

Unreal Flash Player     
Download: Flash Player (390 KB). Current version is 3.0
Use this player, or any other Flash player (JW player, Flowplayer, etc.) to play files and live streams sent by Unreal Media Server. When providing streaming services, feel free to host this player on your website. You must use this player to play time-shifted streams.

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Additional components can be downloaded from our Multimedia Components page.

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