Media Server

Unreal Media Server provides SDK for applications to programmatically control and automate the server.

Download: SDK v13.0
This SDK is backward compatible with previous versions of Unreal Media Client and Server software.

Contents of the package: COM components, samples and documentation for:
Adding/removing broadcasts to/from Media Server configuration, Web-based user administration, Session-based authentication, Custom user logging, Custom encoding support in Live Server, Starting/stopping recording for Live Server, Connecting Live Server to Media Server, Archival Server automation. ActiveX control documentation. Sample web pages hosting ActiveX control. C# player: a simple container of ActiveX control. HTML5 WebRTC player and samples. HTML5 MSE player and samples. Flash player and sample web pages hosting it. Demo web applications demonstrating the use of the SDK. WebRTC_MultiChat web application: a production-ready WebRTC video chat room for 5 participants.


This playlist of tutorials demonstrates installation, configuration and operation of Unreal Media Server:

Below are some user-made tutorials on Unreal Media Server:

Streaming IP camera to a website
Instalación y Configuración de UNREAL MEDIA SERVER

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